User Testing Survey

I have created surveys like this one as frameworks for the user-testing phase of the prototype

The purpose of creating a user-testing survey is to provide immediate feedback after a user has tested our prototype.

The user testing phase of my startup is a crucial stage where I oversee the management of user feedback on design, usability, and novelty.

It is my responsibility to convert this feedback into actionable goals and create a definition of done for each improvement or change we make. 

The survey should be quick and easy for the recipients, while still encompassing all of the features of the prototype.

I have learned about how to efficiently send these surveys via email from my Digital Marketing Certificate

Initial Figma Frameworks

The above image contains some initial frameworks for the prototype of our startup. I have employed many different capabilities in Figma to plan out the design of our startup.

While I can’t show more recent images as many of those designs are in our current prototype, I am providing some of the initial frameworks as well as accompanying feedback from team members.

After incorporating this feedback, I would continue to work on the design, leading to the current prototype design we have. 

I continue to work on prototype designs in Figma to create mockups of the improvements we make after receiving user feedback.