My Scrum of the new part costing framework

This is a scrum meant to span 2 days that fully manages the process of costing parts in Kinetic. I had devised this framework after meeting with Operations in Taiwan, and wanted to streamline the process of adding information like cost, quotes, and invoices to the ERP.

I trained the operations and finance teams on using this framework, and made sure the framework accounted for missing data and how to manage it. This process is currently being used within the new part costing strategy at Kinetic.

The goal with this scrum framework, as well as other frameworks I have created, is to establish a simple process with defined elements and a definition of done. This allows for fast coordination between teams and clear indicators of progress on the process.

Instructional Guide for Interfacing with Tensoft

This is an example of an instructional guide I have created for Finance Managers to provide them with a visual aid while I train them on the ERP system. The level of detail provided was made to help them avoid common pitfalls that may result in an irreversible change or deletion of critical financial data.

The visual aid was necessary for this instructional guide to help them navigate the UI. This file would accompany my training sessions, so employees could refer to the document when unable to locate desired functions

Through these frameworks, I have worked to understand the needs of the employees of Kinetic. I have discussed with them how to build successful frameworks while properly combining and employing their skill sets. I use these frameworks to help reinforce healthy data management and robust interdepartmental communication.